About us


Dream, that started becoming a reality during sleepless nights through vinyl squares with cut out holes.

While studying photography I began to fantasize about models I would dress my muses into. Driven by the desire and urge to materialize my fantasies, I began to explore a new art form. I discovered a passion to grow beyond "just" capturing the model in a photo. I had a vision, imagined whole collections and fashion shows. The idea of my brand was starting to take root in my mind. 

It was a slow process, but maybe thanks to that I believe in my dream even more.

I wasn't always alone in this. And now I know that thanks to my two graces I will never be alone again.

Here you have it. Born !n Porn in its rawest form. A brand full of my emotions, inspirations and contrasts. It stands for everything I love. And now so will you.

Head of the hydra, Danny Worm